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Jim Flora

Jim Flora 01

Jim Flora 02

Jim Flora 03

Jim Flora 04

Jim Flora 05

Jim Flora 06

Jim Flora 07

James “Jim” Flora (January 25, 1914 – July 9, 1998) is in my opinion one of the most prolific illustrators from the 20th century. He is best known for his distinctive album cover art for RCA Victor and Columbia Records during the 1940s and 1950s, but also worked as a commercial illustrator and fine artist for most of his life. His style is still easily recognizable and is definitely a big inspiration for me and my illustration work. I have noticed a resurgence in this style over the past few years and his work is a true testament in timeless quality and originality. I recently purchased the Bell Island at Night print above from his site where they also carry many other limited edition prints. To be honest I was completely in awe of the quality and craftsmanship with the print and the extras that they included with it.

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160over90 California


160over90 Work

160over90 Studio

It’s been a little slow going on the blog as of late because the past few months have been nothing short of busy and life changing. Back in April I decided to pack up shop in Atlanta and move across the country to Southern California where I took a position at 160over90 in their relatively new Los Angeles office (Newport Beach to be exact). Moving in general can be a bit of an endeavor, but having to do it over a 2200 mile stretch is quite the undertaking. Beautiful, emotive, slightly frightening, and all too real and exciting when done to pursue a dream and the continual exploration of what life has to offer and what I can take from it. After a 4 day trek across the beautiful countryside and having seen and experienced many things that were novel or otherwise unknown and sometimes down-right unpredictable I landed in this perceptibly sunny part of the country. Really eager what this new chapter in my life will bring and the work that is ahead…stay tuned.

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New Work — Wild Nothing

Wild Nothing Blog 01

Wild Nothing Blog 02

Wild Nothing Blog 03

Wild Nothing Blog 04

Wild Nothing Blog 04

Just finished up some custom type, illustration work and merchandise pieces for the band Wild Nothing. View the entire project under my portfolio and stay tuned for more work for these guys as time goes on. Also, be sure to check out their latest album Nocturne, it’s definitely of the enjoyable variety. I posted a few of my favorite tracks below.

Wild Nothing — Shadow

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Wild Nothing — Nocturne

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Wild Nothing — Disappear Always

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Wild Nothing — Paradise

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Wild Nothing Portfolio

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New Work — Recollection

Recollection Showcase - Blog

Recollection Poster - 56 Chevy

Recollection Poster - Hank Williams

I have always had a deep respect and appreciation for true letterers and their craft, especially those designing type before computers existed. That regard is even greater now after creating my first official typeface, Recollection. I have dabbled in designing type before and have used hand written type in some of my projects, but I have yet to create a full face until now. The type was inspired by thickset letters from old signage and posters that were created before modern day printing and technology existed…you know, “The Glory Days.” To show off Recollection I also created a few posters that further encompass the inspiration behind its design. View the Recollection project under my portfolio.

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Bureau Collective

Stefanie Biggle Lookbook

Coiffure Duett Business Card

Danse de Constance

Theatre St. Gallen


Chicago Musical

Theater Tanz Schule

Roman Signer



Some great work from Switzerland based Bureau Collective. Their ability to restrain each project to the bare essentials of type, imagery and color is dominant throughout their portfolio and really exudes a sense of quality that you know they continually strive for. Be sure to click the images for better closeups.

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Massimo Vignelli

American Airline



Ducati Motor



Knoll Catalog

Knoll Collateral 01

Knoll Collateral 02

Vignelli Furniture 01

Vignelli Furniture 02

NYC Subway Map


USA Bicentennial

San Lorenzo Silver Barware



Bloomingdale's Packaging

Galerias Packaging

Design: Vignelli

Industrial Design

The Audubon Society


Junod Halo Watch


BK Italia

“If you can design one thing, you can design everything.”

That quote above pretty much sums up one of the true icons of design, Massimo Vignelli. As you can see most of his work is heavily defined within the Modernist tradition. He focuses on simplicity through the use of basic geometric shapes and forms.

Vignelli was born in Milano, Italy on January 10, 1931 and studied at Academia di Belle Arti (Academy of Fine Arts) in Milan and then at the School of the University of Venice. In 1957, he came to New York on a fellowship and then traveled to Chicago where he taught at the Institute of Design of Illinois Institute of Technology for 3 years. He also taught at the Umanitaria School of Graphic Design in Milan and at the Institute of Industrial Design in Venice.

In 1966, he traveled back to New York where he cofounded Unimark International and worked with high profile clients such as American Airlines, the Ford Motor Company, Gillette, JC Penney, Knoll, and the New York Transit Authority, who continue to use the trademarks and graphic standards produced my Unimark to this day. Then in 1971, he established his own studio, Vignelli Associates in New York with his wife, Lella where he continues to design to this day. Definitely a living legend.

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New Work



  • Career Characters



Business Card

  • Meridian Watches

Phorm Logo

  • Phorm Motor Oil

Suites Logo

  • Suites

Some new work is posted under my portfolio where you will find a couple different projects I’ve got going on right now.

First up is my Career Characters set which is an on-going project of different careers that I would think would be cool to experience for a day or so. The Lumberjack has been up for a little while, but I just finished with the Pirate. More to come in the future.

I have also been developing the brand for Meridian Watches, an up-and-coming U.S. based watch company. A new identity as well as different collateral pieces are underway. I’m also working on packaging and a few other elements so expect to see that and more pretty soon.

Finally, there are some other new brands in the works that are in the very early stages of development. I have however posted the logos for them under my Logo Archive section. Phorm Motor Oil (pronounced “form”) and Suites which will be a seafood market based in Charleston, SC. Look out for more on both those projects later this year as well.

As always, thanks for taking the time to look through my work.

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Calvin Ross Carl

I really enjoy when an artist blends together fine art and design as in the work of Calvin Ross Carl. His geometric painting and sculpture work brings a unique quality that can not be achieved through the computer alone. The textural value of the shapes along with the brush strokes create individual characteristics within each piece of work.

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