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Akiva exists to stop easily preventable diseases with a safe and effective insect repellant that is easy to use and apply. The brand’s essence lies at its strength of effectiveness and the security of safety, together. A pioneer in its field, Akiva accesses the future of bio-technology with superior and safe results. Derived from a proprietary, nature-based formula, its pleasing, natural experience leads to safe, healthy habits. Harmony via technology.

The product was first concepted and created by its founder  who is originally from Nigeria. By the time he was 10, he had already suffered through several bouts of the life-threatening disease. Determined to thwart the miserable mosquitoes that delivered the disease to himself and his friends, he gathered a few household products and mixed up a batch of simple, and somewhat effective, homemade mosquito repellent in the family bathtub. His "success" in disease prevention and problem-solving motivated him to create a product that would fight disease, save lives and transform communities around the world.

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