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Life Unhurried

Identity work for a top of the market, luxury condominium in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Amaray’s apartment homes invite an atmosphere of relaxation and refinement—sitting among the liveliness of the Las Olas neighborhood but with a slower pace where people can embrace the good life. Marketed towards the young business professional, Amaray is where life can be lived unhurried.

The name and mark is derived from the Amaranth flower, which is local to the region and is Greek for “unfading flower." This symbolizes the timeless class of the area and the goal of ushering in a brand new experience that somehow feels like it has always been there. Paying close attention to detail was key in defining Amaray's sophistication and elegance. This resulted in designing a custom typeface, interior tile patterns and personal photography style.

Designed in collaboration with Jonathan Lawrence and Brittany Robertson.
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