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Elevate Life and Advance Community

Bolst is a new Atlanta-based real estate broker that is ready to unlock opportunity for the city’s residents. In service of others, their work holds a deep purpose to uphold the community and make owning a home possible for everyone. 

Operating by their own unrivaled standards, Bolst is forged by their commitment to providing first-class service backed by decades of industry experience. They look to disrupt the industry by uniting on a greater vision for the future with a common heartbeat of excellence and generosity. This approach gives home buyers and sellers peace of mind knowing that they have an advocate who will deliver on what’s best for them and their family. 

A complete brand strategy was established along with the name and visual identity capture the essence of the brand their unique distinction to ‘Elevate Life and Advance Community’.

Every touchpoint of the brand was considered from print to digital to environmental keeping in mind the level of integrity and impact that each application presented itself.

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