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Choose Love

All too often the world has bore witness to just how awful one person can be towards another. It seems to have become common place in our culture, an almost daily deluge of animosity, contempt and downright hate because of our differences. However, beneath those differences, we are all more alike than some of us care to admit. We all experience the same feelings, emotions, thoughts, concerns and choices. Our innate desire as human beings is to love. Not a single one of us was born with hatred in our hearts. It is a choice, and honestly the most important choice we make. Hate—is a choice. Love—is a choice. Every morning we wake up, we choose who, we choose why, and we choose how we view and treat others.

Ironic thing however, is that choosing to love is honestly so simple. It can be as easy as offering a smile. Our differences should not distract our hearts from that fact, they should make us embrace each other. Aren’t our differences what make the world so special to begin with? I wouldn't want anyone to be an exact copy of myself. Talk about boring.

Those who hate are the ones who struggle to even like themselves. But instead of turning our backs, or worse, choosing to hate them, we should love them as well. It’s the only way hate will succumb to the awe-inspiring glory and reverence of love. Love that can and will change a person's heart...and the world.

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