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Founded in 2005 by two creative souls, Corcoran Ota is an Atlanta based architecture firm that is driven by a desire to build better places for all walks of people to live and work. Led by Michael Corcoran and Dean Ota, the ecclectic team is hands-on, highly collaborative and primed to take on the most complex design challenges. With the keen focus on these challenges of design award-winning communities, their brand identity began to fall behind. The ask—a brand refresh that aligned with their contemporary approach to architecture while encapsulating the established equity built over the years.

Custom Wordmark

Every touchpoint of the brand was considered, starting with a custom wordmark designed to enhance the natural curvature and flow of each letter. The symbol, rooted in the brilliant brand strategy by Danielle Wilson, captures the continuity of Corcoran Ota’s positioning statement as ‘the only architecture firm that designs homes for all phases of life.’

The Corcoran Ota team was steadfast that the brand focused on their work and multi-cultural team. From carefully crafted print portfolios, quality stationary, and workplace signage, to a complete overhaul of their website we elevated what they are most proud of.

For the website, we worked closely with Joel Haffey at Flybolt Marketing to develop a responsive, easy to navigate platform that put Corcoran Ota’s work front and center.


With decades of equity built behind the brand we modernized their core assets while leveraging the confident simplicity that already existed. 

In collaboration with:
Danielle Wilson—Brand Strategy + Copywriting
Joel Haffey—Flybolt Marketing, Web Development

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