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We live in a time where great strides are being made for the Kingdom of God. The Georgia Baptist Foundation sees work to be done to make religious liberty flourish, safeguard the integrity of the Church, protect lives from systematic oppression around the world, and reach the remaining multitudes of lost people. Their calling sits at the intersection of these two realities.

The Georgia Baptist Foundation strengthens ministry efforts to help bring Gospel transformation to every part of life, in every place on earth, across every generation. They do this by managing and producing funds for churches, ministries and institutions as well as helping generous givers contribute to their Spirit-led passions. The brand needed to feel dependable and intelligent, yet practical and kind-hearted.

Their timeless philosophy called Faithful Stewarding is rooted in the heart of God and guides every facet of their work—from their investment filter to their ability to provide steadfast returns. They have a joy to serve believers and hundreds of ministries as they follow God together in making all things new.

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