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Good Key

Address Atlanta

Good Key believes a home is where life is built. Their goal is to inspire real estate experts to address the lives that have no address. As the only non-profit real estate organization with a simple and defined solution to end homelessness, they work hard at building networks that make a big difference in their community.

A complete brand strategy was established along with the name and a visual identity to take the good work these compassionate people are doing and create a trustworthy, impactful brand. The result is a team strategically united to champion the brand and end homelessness; a name that’s meaningful, memorable and easy to say; and an identity system that visually inspires while remaining versatile and timeless.

Good Key’s mascot the ‘Key Player,’ serves as the champion of the brand’s core purpose. With an eternal, optimistic smile the symbol brings a level of trust and inspiration to work that can sometimes be difficult, but always rewarding.

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