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Breakdowns. Meltdowns. Unhappy customers. The domino effect of what can go wrong when running a restaurant business is an every day reality. Humrun was designed just for these moments—a communication tool that quickly connects restaurants with service technicians when there’s a leak or a break and keeps everyone on the team up to speed. Whether it's a restaurant manager trying to maintain the flow of food and spot on service, or a technician looking to book jobs and get paid quickly, Humrun will keep their business in full swing and humming along.

The concept of maintaining the flow and humming along was first brought to life in the logo’s symbol by the use of a continual line that forms an “H” and represents the relationship of workers coming together. It’s also supported by a custom wordmark that was constructed from consistent curves that feel fluent and approachable. This approach is extended into icons, illustrations, patterns and line art along with a color palette that feels intuitive and confident yet friendly and optimistic.

Custom Wordmark

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