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Nourish Good

With shelves full of sweet and dessert flavored nutrition bars, Manna bars are crafted to disrupt the market with savory nourishment inspired by popular dishes such as pepperoni pizza, tex-mex tacos, and bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches.

A comprehensive strategy uncovered the essence of their brand to Nourish Good through their purpose to bring life to hungry people. Additionally, the word Manna, was derived from the Old Testament which is described poetically as “food from heaven.” To capture the adventurous and morally-concious spirit of the brand a visual identity was developed around a 3-tierd rainbow and parachute to signify the life giving energy Manna brings to communities and those in need. The simplicity of these assets allow for a flexibe system to interchange and use colors that reflect the flavor of each bar.

Conciously aware of the needs of their community and the world, Manna’s Bar-4-Bar business model helps end global hunger with responsive nourishment.

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