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Peachtree Group is an investment firm driving growth with a diverse portfolio of commercial real estate assets and other ventures. They have executed hundreds of investments since inception with a focus on real estate acquisition, development, and lending. Today, they manage over $2 billion in equity, augmented by services designed to protect, support, and grow their investments.

They were looking to level-up their identity to reflect their sharp and steadfast approach and further distinguish themselves from the competition.

Peachtree Group’s distinct symbol is the most recognized component of the brand. By combining the simple representation of a tree with the capital letter P letterform, the logo succinctly champions the brand’s position to drive growth through deep expertise and strategic foresight.


A collection of patterns and linework were created to add visual interest across the brand. Inspired by the company’s name and the investment industry, they conceptualize trees, leaves, roots, growth and money. 

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