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The Breman

Stories get lost without keepers.

The Breman is Atlanta’s cultural center where story keepers and story seekers come together to engage in dialogue, connect with history, and experience the arts.

Unequivocally ATL and Jewish, The Breman celebrates the joy and resiliency of life, uniting people from every walk of life. From engrossing conversations about the Holocaust and Civil Rights to captivating art collections and live musical performances, The Breman welcomes all to get inspired by remarkable moments and memories.

The brand’s visual identity was overhauled to create a unified system comprising of key elements such as their logo, brand colors, typography, photography, and dynamic graphic devices. This wide range of tools was designed to be flexible and expandable across all applications.

A brand voice was developed through the archetype Magnetic Storytellers to captivate and engage The Breman’s audience. The brand’s messaging invites people in and welcomes them to stay by sharing collected stories of all kinds that educate, inspire, and illuminate through history, arts, cultural experiences, and conversations.

The Dynamic B is The Breman’s instantly recognizble symbol that represents the cultural stories they champion. Flexible in its use, it can be a container for messaging or photography and expand across any design as needed.

A simple grid system was introduced to create effective layouts with the Dynamic B and how it interacts with photography and typography. 

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